Double Your Power Density, Optimized DC/DC Transformers

Pulse Electronics continues to innovate and bring to market exciting new power magnetic products.   Leveraging the research presented in our 2019 APEC paper “Power Transformer Core Optimization Enables Dramatically Increased Power Density Pulse has released an improved DC/DC transformer series that maintains the industry standard footprint but doubles the component power density to over 11W/cm3.   The EP7+ series (PA5099.XXXNL and PA5100.XXXNL) and EP10+ series (PA5130.XXXNL and PA5131.XXXNL) achieve this significant performance enhancement by using three-dimensional finite element analysis to balance the flux utilization in the core, thereby minimizing AC losses and increasing saturation currents.   The series is comprised of twenty-four part numbers designed for continuous mode flybacks and active clamp forwards ranging in output power from 17W to 35W.  With multiple input voltage ranges (9-57v and 33-57v) and output voltage combinations from 3.3v to 24v they are suitable for a variety of end-applications.